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Digital Record Keeping

Presenters | John Fargher |Tom Legge | AgriWebb

John is the Co-founder and COO of AgriWebb.  He grew up on his family’s 400,000 acre sheep and cattle property in Northern South Australia.  John has always had a passion for bringing technology to the Agricultural industry and through AgriWebb hopes to help farmers all across Australia simplify their record keeping and make better data driven decisions through the AgriWebb NoteBook.

Attendees of this workshop will hear an introduction to the AgTech industry as well as the wide variety of tools that are available to farmers in this day and age to help increase the productivity of their farms through the use of technology. Attendees will then be taken through a brief demo of the AgriWebb NoteBook and will be able to ask any and all questions to John before the session ends.

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