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Managing Work Health and Safety Risk for Agribusiness

Presenter | Abigail HickmanSafe Ag Systems

Australian Agriculture is the leading cause of workplace related fatalities – with just 3% of the workforce we contribute 24% of the fatalities. Under Australian Workplace Health and Safety Legislation all businesses are required to have a safe system of work and an active safety management plan – many Australian farms do not, putting them at significant risk should an unfortunate accident occur.

This workshop will look at:

  • Farm Safety Statistics – how does agriculture stack up
  • Summary of Acts, regulations and penalties
  • What do these regulations actually require farmers to do
  • The common belief “ I don’t need anything because I am a single operator- I don’t employ anyone.”
  • What are your options – paper based, cloud based, etc
  • How can Safe Ag Systems help – the software and the app
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